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Pridruži se ekipi vŽIVO

vŽ vabi v svoje vrste video ustvarjalce.

Video ustvarjalec potrebuje:

- pametni telefon ali kamero/fotoaparat

- mikrofon - povezan s telefonom/kamero/fotoaparatom

- stativ

- luč

Video ustvarjalec (Streamlee Creator) se vpiše v, izpolni profil in vnese povezave do svojih video posnetkov/prenosov.

Na podlagi teh povezav se bomo odločali komu naročiti snemanje novega dogodka / šport, izjava, novinarska...

About project

Streamlee is a platform that connects individuals or organizations who need video footage with videographers who can provide it. It allows users to create requests for videos with specific details, such as the location, date, and filming difficulty, and to specify the price they are willing to pay. Users can also introduce themselves and provide references through their profiles to help build trust with other users. It's important to note that Streamlee does not facilitate the payment or content agreements between the orderer and the creator, and that users can register for free to access limited functionality on the platform.

As an Orderer, you can use a platform like Streamlee to find a Creator who can create a video for you. You would need to provide details about what type of video you need and be prepared to pay the Creator for their work. The Orderer and Creator can negotiate the terms of the transaction and payment, and the Creator would be responsible for producing the video according to the agreed-upon specifications. It's important to make sure that you communicate clearly with the Creator and establish a clear understanding of what you expect from the video before beginning the project. It may also be helpful to review any referential videos or work samples that the Creator has shared on the platform to get a sense of their style and capabilities.

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