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Ruby Meetup

It was a long summer and now it's time to start a new meetup season. We'll meet again in the Poligon Creative Centre as the last 2 times, but everything else has changed. Well, not everything, but we'll have 2 new interesting talks by Damjan and Islam, live streaming and recording by V Živo, and one free drink per attendee by Codeable. How awesome is that? Damjan Rems will present DRGCMS - a custom build Rails + Mongo CMS that powers, and After him Islam Mušić will talk about how he used Spree to create e-commerce site for Slovenian Kickstarter success story ONDU. As the previous season we will again raffle one RubyMine license and two Pluralsight subscriptions amongst all that will RSVP here and come to the meetup. And we will again have plenty of stickers. So do tell your friends about this meetup - even if they are not (yet?) Ruby developers. The more, the merrier. I can't wait to see you all again and am really looking forward to another great meetup!



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